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Become Google Ads Specialist with Google Ad Mastery Course

When it comes to Paid Promotions. Google Ads is a must-to-go tool. As 90% of the population over the world do search on it. learn to achieve your campaign goals, Master the skills of how to get a good return on investments with less budget spend. You will also learn tips to optimize the campaigns and get optimal results. Master the skills to increase conversions, increase brand awareness and traffic, optimize campaigns through running various Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads is a powerful tool that can help small businesses reach new customers. But it can also be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we created this Google Ads course, to help you learn the basics and get started with using Google Ads to grow your business.

In this google ads mastery course, I'll take you step-by-step through Google Ads' new user experience and teach you the foundations of managing effective campaigns across all of Google's networks. This course has everything you need to get started running your online ads on Google, whether you're a small businessman or a fellow entrepreneur looking to learn a powerful opportunity.

Who should take this course

  • Advanced Marketers
  • Who should take this course: 
  • Marketers aiming to expand their platform expertise
  • Entrepreneurs that want to know how to run a proper Google ad campaigns

Explore more the importance of Google ads for business.

Basic Requirement

  • 1. Knowledge of searching /browsing on Google.

  • 2. Passion to learn

  • 3. Internet Connection

Skills Covered

  • ✔ Understanding inorganic search results

  • ✔ Introduction to Google Ads & PPC advertising

  • ✔ Setting up Google Ads account

  • ✔ Keyword Research and Planning

  • ✔ Understanding types of keywords – Board, Phrase, exact, synonym & negative

  • ✔ Understanding Ads account structure Campaigns, Adgroups, Ads, Keywords, etc

  • ✔ Types of Advertising campaigns- Search, Display, Mobile Apps, Shopping & video

  • ✔ Difference between search & display campaign

  • ✔ Creating Different Campaigns Types – Search, Display, Video, Mobile Apps

  • ✔ Configuring Campaign level settings, Understanding different targeting options

  • ✔ Understanding different types of bidding strategy- Manual, Automatic, Advanced level bid strategies

  • ✔ Writing compelling Ad copies and different ads extension

  • ✔ Understanding Ads Algorithm and how does Ads rank work, importance of quality score

  • ✔ Setting up Conversions Tracking

  • ✔ Creating Remarketing Campaigns

  • ✔ Understanding different ad metrics and reports to measure the campaigns performance

Expert Review

A service called Google Ads (formerly known as Ads) helps businesses reach ready-to-buy consumers with ads. A variety of ad formats are available through the platform, including display ads, video ads, search ads, and app ads.

Google Adwords allows business owners to target websites of interest, remarket to particular audiences, run ads on different apps, and create video ads that play before or during relevant videos. A Google search ad appears on Google search, while an app ad can appear anywhere across the Google network, including in another app.

With so many opportunities available, Google Ads can play a major role in marketing and growing a brand or business online. In search advertising, keywords can be targeted directly to reach potential customers.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Your brand is waiting to be discovered on an entire marketing platform. You can reach the most relevant and qualified customers by using data analysis and optimization tools. Finding new customers is as simple as a click away, thanks to computer programs and tools. As a result, you waste less money and generate a higher return on marketing investment (ROMI).

What Are Google Ads?

Through targeted search, Google adwords can help advertisers attract interested, relevant customers to their websites. It's easy. Google Ads will display an ad in its search results if a user enters a relevant or closely related word to the advertiser's product or service. Users who are most likely to buy a product or service are targeted. Advertisements help manage and control advertising spending by providing several pricing options. Google Ads are economical because advertisers only pay when a user clicks on an ad and visits a site, making them a smart choice.

Google adwords New Features-

Google Ads offers many new features, including:

1) Product recommendations in Google Merchant Center 

If you use Google Shopping ads through a Google Merchant Center account, Google will recommend products that can be sold in your store.

2) Advertisement Preview and Diagnosis Tool 

You can find this in the Tools section of your Google account. It displays common searches and lets advertisers know if there are any issues with their campaigns. Low-performing ads can also be optimized.

3) Google Images Shoppable Ads 

Study shows that images perform better with ads than text. Users will be able to view a product and its price, then be directed to purchase it through Google Images.

4) Google AdScripts & Automation 

Scripts can be loaded and used by advertisers to perform specific tasks continuously. In some scripts, a campaign can be stopped automatically if any sites are down. Depending on the quality score, a campaign's spending can be reduced if the score is lower than a certain amount.

Get Certified

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Course creator

                                 Shraddha Somani

Shraddha Somani

I am a passionate Digital Marketing Trainer, Consultant, Strategiest and Subject Matter expert. I have diversified knowledge in Digital Marketing domain. Not only I provide trainings but I have worked with many Institutions where I helped with my expertise in creating course content, auditing the courses and provide advice as subject matter expert. I am one of the Google Ads certified partners who have access to attend their webinars on Digital Marketing, which helps to be aware of the latest trends and which I incorporate in my trainings.

Along with my freelancing digital marketing and WordPress Website development agency, I thought to provide a real-world digital marketing knowledge to the enthusiast about learning Digital Marketing, by giving training on different digital marketing domains, where I share my knowledge, experience and live projects with my students and this is how I started with digital marketing trainer 8+ years from now.

I believe in teaching real scenarios with real examples so that the concept is understood. I have provided trainings in the best and well known digital marketing institutations. As I have vast knowledge, while designing the course, I have tried to fill in the gap which learners faced while learning. Making it easy and more practical 

My trainings have helped the students and glad to share that 99% have rated me their best coach, mentor, trainer. 

If you have a business or profession, or in need to build an online presence, Looking for a good carrer,  work from home, setting up your own agency,  I have built a best training modules to achieve your goals.