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Content Marketing Course with Certification

This course is perfect for those who want to enhance their writing skill to get the edge in the competitive world. Especially those who realize their writing skill is below average and seriously looking to develop this skill. You can enter this world of content writing with confidence after going through this course. Later, you will be able to discover how to market with your newly acquired skills. This course will also allow you to add new practical skills in your resume and immediately you can start earning for your new skill. This course is aimed at people who are interested in digitization and the online world. We’ll start here from the beginning and work all the way through step by step.

Do you fear to write content and don’t understand where to start or if you are looking for a refresher? If so then this is the perfect course for you, this will help you get all the fundamentals of Content Marketing. Here you will explore

  • Basics of Content Marketing
  • Content Creation Strategy
  • How to Segmentize your content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • How to build solid content for your business
  • How to develop your copywriting skill
  • Creating a content calendar

Basic Requirement

  • • Find a quiet place

  • • Focus & Attention

  • • Treat study as a job

  • • Set a Goal

  • • Pen and Paper

  • • Persistence

Skills Covered

  • • Establish your career

  • • Discover a new you

  • • Multiple career option

  • • Flexibility in your work

  • • Skill Development

  • • Better Earning

Expert Review

Exactly What Is "Content Marketing?"

In content marketing, you create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience with the goal of driving profit-driven customer actions.

Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing information that will make your buyer more educated.  It is the belief that if we, as businesses, provide consistently valuable information to buyers, they will reward us with their business and loyalty.

The goal of content marketing is to turn prospects into customers and customers into loyal, lifelong, repeat customers by sharing tips, advice, and other value-added information.

Your goal is to establish yourself as a valuable resource for hundreds of thousands of people so they will become interested in purchasing what you sell, using opt-in permission to deliver content via email, RSS feeds, social media channels, and other methods. Over weeks, months, and years, you will build a solid relationship with them and earn their trust.  You don't want to sell to them once and never hear from them again.  Make a friend for life - someone who enjoys buying from you.

People recognize the value of content on its own. By strategically leveraging different formats based on your goals and business objectives, you can extract so much value from it.

One of the most important tactics for generating leads, educating consumers, and creating brand awareness is content marketing. It's inexpensive and very effective. Ensure your brand is aligned with compelling, thought leadership content, provided by those with deep understanding of technology buyers.

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