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Business Growth Strategy Course

Are you struggling to improve you business to grow? Then here is a solution: our 10X Business growth ninja strategy course will help you to stay ahead in competition. Get this course today to learn and implement best strategies for business growth today!

Welcome to 10x Business Growth Ninja Strategy:

  • Learn to write content for any Sales Page / Landing Page, which will help you to grow your sales online and will increase your profit margins
  • You will be able to design beautiful Landing Pages that will save your designing cost worth Rs 5,000/- & more (Using Elementor-Pro). Also, get Elementor Pro for free.
  • You will learn to set up an online webpage using WordPress that saves your developer cost.
  • You will learn how to quote prices for your services to your potential customers with impressive professional quotations (Done for You)
  • You will learn the hidden secrets of targeting potential customers through Facebook™ in three different ways that will save you a lot more money and lead to healthy profits.
  • Learn secrets of Video Marketing and how to acquire clients using it
  • Also, learn to list your Business Online on various platforms for free that will improve your presence in front of your customers and you may never know when your next client can come to your business, that too for absolutely free.

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Basic Requirement

  • Willingness to learn

  • Basic Computer knowledge

  • Wants to take business online

Skills Covered

  • Making of a landing / Sales Page

  • How to win customer trust

  • How to laser target customers via fb ads

  • Converting normal clients into lifetime customers

Expert Review

This course will help you to understand the best business strategy to grow in detail. 

Get to know the person you're speaking to:

If you skip this step, no other copywriting tips will improve your landing page. The first step to writing a compelling copy is to know exactly who you're talking to.

Be aware of your target audience's demographics and characteristics so you know what they do, what they want, and how they speak. When you have one audience in mind, it will be much easier for you to write focused, clear, and direct copy than when you are addressing a largely undefined audience.

Learn more about your audience with Alexa's free Site Overview tool (part of our competitive analysis toolset). A site's audience can be analyzed by looking at their interests and the other sites they visit.

Prioritize the most important information: 

Writing effective landing page content starts with including vital and important information right away. There is little time and space to capture an online reader's attention as they quickly surf websites. Make sure you include the most important information "above the fold," which is the part of the page that the user can see before they begin to scroll.

Directly address the reader

If you want to write compelling website copy, you need to break a few traditional writing habits. The first is writing in the first or third person.

In copywriting, you should use the second person, which means writing in a way that addresses the reader directly. Write as follows:

Words and phrases such as "you," "your," and "yours" should be included.

You should use direct language that tells the reader what to do, such as "Sign up here," "Take the first step," "Try this now," etc.

It's okay to occasionally use the word "we," but make sure your focus is on the reader rather than on you or your brand.

It's also important to remember that SEO content isn't all about keywords, even if you're writing for SEO. Communicate with readers, not just search engine crawlers. You can get started with SEO here: What is SEO? A get-started guide.

Make sure you use the words your target audience uses

Utilize words that directly address readers when connecting with them. Use their language when speaking.

It is extremely important to avoid using jargon, industry slang, or any other type of terminology your target audience may not be familiar with. Use the language they understand.

By using jargon-filled copy, Squarespace may cause confusion in an audience. For example, the company may say, "Our tool can help you customize CSS and use Typekit Fonts without embedding font kits.

Make use of white space, images, and graphics

You can also engage readers with non-copy elements, just as you use formatting to frame copy. To avoid overwhelming the reader with text, use white space, graphics, icons, and images to draw their attention to important elements.

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Course creator

                                 Abhishek Sahu

Abhishek Sahu

I am a certified digital marketer from Google and semrush. I have experience of more than 3 years into this field and now after training interns now I am looking forward to train digital marketing aspirants whether they are working professionals, students or unemployed people. I am always available for free consultation over telephonic calls and whatsapp messages. I have worked in 9 different niches like tour and travel, freelancer profile developing, branding of e commerce store or helping people in video editing and it's essence. As you might know digital marketing is vast and no individual can have a specialisation in all its aspects. So here I want to make a point that my specialisation is in technical SEO, word press training and short video ads. I never stop doing experimenting because of any kind of failure. And if you want to be into online marketing you have to be very risky as sometimes the results may not be in your favor. Internet is really fragile so you need to very up-to date and have patience to gain the desired results or if I say in digital marketing terms it would be "conversion". And yes the limit is 1500 characters here so being a seo nerd I am trying to use the full limit here.