Online Classes vs Offline Classes: What is better?

COVID-19 has no doubt brought a shift in our education system. As the pandemic hit worldwide, classes were shifted to online mode. This shift definitely brought concerns if this online learning revolution is the right choice for students. Whereas conventional methods of offline learning have been our top choice for procuring education, online classes are bringing some whopping advantages with them. In some terms, both options seem good. Is there any difference when it comes to online classes vs offline classes?

difference between online classes and offline classes

Online Classes vs offline classes: 

Online ClassesOffline Classes
Convenient Location-centric learning
Flexibility Rigid learning schedules
More Affordable Traveling costs incurred
More InteractionHigh chances of distraction
Highly Skilled TeachersLimited selection of teachers to choose from
Cultivates self-discipline Inconvenient environment for students
Time-saving methodHuge loss of time

Online Classes vs offline classes: A Comparison 

With the emergence of technology, online classes have been nothing but beneficial to the students. As a matter of fact, online classes have let people enjoy quality education from the comfort of their homes. For students who couldn’t afford the daily transportation with study material costs can get affordable education from the comfort of their homes. Online classes have fostered students’ education in more ways than we can count. It helped children cultivate the necessary habits of self-discipline and time management. Students can gain access to unlimited sources of education via the internet. It has broadened the spectrum of knowledge and has opened a new pool of opportunities. In this blog, we have gathered 8 ways through which online classes have helped students worldwide. 

1.Method of Teaching 

In the race between online classes vs offline classes, online classes ace it when it comes to methods of teaching. Offline classes have no doubt provided a personalized mode of learning in presence of teachers. But at the same time, it has limited a student’s access to learning tools and resources.

Unlike waiting for the library day or going to school, through online classes, you can find a plethora of educational resources and digitalized tools. The students can easily learn at their own pace with unlimited access to online learning tools including videos, audio, animated lessons, virtual whiteboards, live chats, etc. however, we cannot replace the holistic experience of a classroom, but online classes provide wide accessibility to a lot of things.

2.Time Management 

We all know the traffic students have to face in the morning. And the sun-soaking commute on their way home takes the energy away to further attend tuition. Due to the imposition of online classes in these past years, students are much relieved of the time-taking schedule in comparison to offline classes. 

However, when it comes to maintaining a proper schedule during classes, students might face difficulties. Online learners are typically distracted by other tasks and procrastinate due to the absence of authority over them. Time management is an issue that comes with the imposition of online classes. In this arena, offline classes proved to be more helpful in cultivating self-displicine.

time management

3.The Flexibility of Classes 

The biggest advantage when it comes to online classes vs offline classes is flexibility. Students get the freedom to learn at their own pace without having to rush in the process of learning. Students are free to learn on their own time and attend courses when they want to. One of the disadvantages of offline classes is that students miss out on a lot when they are absent. 

The same is not the case with online ones. They can simply pay for the recorded videos of lectures and catch up on anything they have previously missed. Instead of being expected to arrive on time for classes, they can learn from any time, anywhere.

flexibility of the classes
Flexibility of classes

4.Student-Teacher Interaction 

Despite what we believe about offline classes, online classes have much engagement and interaction between students and teachers. The best part of student-teacher interaction is that students can approach their teachers from any place. Now they don’t need to be present at the classroom to have their doubts cleared. They can simply drop a message or text on the learning app, and the teacher will get back to them in no time. 

Where we do miss the open discussion fun offline classes have but we get the freedom to utilize our time in the best way possible when it comes to online classes. As once again, there is no time barre and time-consuming commute that students had to face.

Student Teacher Interaction
Student teacher interaction

5.Doubt-Resolving Methods

Despite what we have in offline classes, online classes have more effective doubt-resolving methods. Students from any part of the world can raise a query and get it resolved in no time. We all remember when we had to wait for school time to arrive, the specific subject lecture to be precise to get our doubts resolved. 

With online classes, you have the autonomy to drop your queries on the application or website, and teachers would answer them thoroughly without having to wait for hours.

doubt resolving methods
Doubt resolving methods

6.The Practicality of Subjects 

Online classes is entirely theoretical as it only takes place in online mode. This leads to students not being a part of practical learning. And we all know how significant is to learn about the practical aspects. Especially when it comes to sports, students need to be on the field in order to understand different aspects of sports. Theoretical knowledge has its own limits and we all have to agree that there is no substitute for the practicality of subjects. 
One of the major disadvantages of online classes includes how it is depriving students of the essence of learning through practical examples.

the practicality of the subjects
Practicality of subjects

7.Technical Issues 

Online classes are always challenged by technical errors and issues. As the whole line of learning depends on the application or website to work properly, a small technical issue can disrupt the whole learning process. In spite of the installation of cameras, headphones, microphones, and other such things, it could easily be disturbed due to a glitch in the system. On top of this repairing, costs are heavy to bear. 

On the contrary, offline classes are not met with such technical issues. As major learning tools are available physically, students can easily take advantage of the same. Keeping presentation aside in a classroom, technical issues do not create major issues.

technical issues
Technical issues

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In Conclusion 

Which one do you prefer: online classes vs offline classes? While some students strongly suggest online mode is effective, some students cannot forget the comprehensive experience of offline classes. Let us know in the comment section. 

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